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Recollections of a Small Town Boy


Greetings of the season and pardon me for this poor but sincere way to manage the few hours left, offend the greeting card industry and wish you

A Very Merry Christmas
a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

I am amazed for so much time to slide by with the business of setting up a new life in new surroundings, new streets and roads and stores to navigate, different banks and all those interesting–but frustrating–experiences.

Withal, I am happy to report, I am glad to be here, thrilled with my new cottage, apartment, condo or whatever it is. Definitely NOT an exact description for much of anything conventional. It works and when the furniture tells me where it wants to be, I’ll quit re-arranging it. Then there is the small(?) matter of tons of surplus furnishings to be distributed, donated, sold or otherwise reduced to escape storage cost. A nine room house, plus basement & attic accumulates too much over fifty years to make vanish without whiffle dust and a degree from Hogwarts.

Most annual letters are much too full of verbiage. This one may not be terse, but at least it is not stuffed with boasts and family pictures. (No time for taking pictures with a camera I have not found.) Bless me for my sparing you.

In the spirit of Christmas, you will be honored with a contribution to Hospice and Habitat for Humanity.

And blessings to you,

Art Darwin
December 2005

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