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April 25, 2009. Anzac Day. Yes, I know... April is almost gone and I haven't updated the Journal page! But, I have an excuse. Bluey has been in and out of "hospital" getting repairs done. She's almost ready to rock and roll... just a few more things... timing chain, radiator flush and a couple of bits and pieces.

Also, during the month I sold Tough Titties to a bloke from Queensland - Mt Glorious. I auctioned her on eBay and got $1850 which I thought was pretty cool. Yes, it was sad to see her go, but I took comfort from the fact that she's off to a good home and, more importantly, a great future. She'll be restored to her former glory which means she'll live for another 40 years and probably much longer!

Meanwhile, the house in Taree has had a makeover... a new fence! Big deal, you ask? Well, there's a helluva lot more to building a decent fence than you might imagine. It certainly surprised me. So I've been taking pics of the whole process, from the day the bobcat arrived to the finished project... well, almost finished. It needs to be painted, and I've been waiting for that to happen before I post the entire pictorial saga. I think you'll be surprised, so hang in there.

Once Bluey is ready, I'll take a few trips here and there and give the ol' shutter button a bit of a workout again. Gary


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