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October 6, 2009. Thought it was about time I added something to this Waffle Page. Time flies, ya know. However, it's not as if I don't write stuff... I do... lots of it! I have another web site with a blog type thingy. But that will become redundant early next year, and THIS waffle page will take over.

It's basically a page I use to think aloud and comment on this and that. Once I'm on the Odyssey, I'll have much more to talk about, such as daily events, where I am, who I've met, etc. I won't always be armed with a camera, so during quiet times when I feel like a bit of a chat, this is where you'll find me. Actually, I'm addicted to the keyboard. There's only so much time you can spend sightseeing or lounging in a banana chair or chatting to the neighbors. Also, there are many things you can't photograph, such as your impressions of a particular place and its local inhabitants, or how I might feel at any given time about living the life of a vagabond.

Yes, I imagine that there'll be a great deal to ponder and pontificate on as I travel the wide brown land.  Actually, I took Bluey through an auto car wash the other day and I said to the attendant, "Next time I'll bring my camera and you can take a few pics of Bluey going through the wash, and I'll post them on the Internet." He laughed and said, "You think that will be newsworthy?" "Sure! Everything is newsworthy!" Yes, it's all in the presentation, folks, it's all in the presentation. Gary


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