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Janary 30, 2015. BTW, didn't make the angel flight to Sydney last week because of storms - just as well - too weak to handle the city. Doc visited today and said there was slight improvement. Seems I might beat this thing with a bit of luck.- anti bios and coughing up the gunk. Gary

Janary 29, 2015.  I'm in hospital again, this time, shellshocked. Goodbye Odyssey. This latest lung infection is proving very stubborn to move. It can't be eradicated but it can be controlled with antibiotics. Together with my emphysema it has floored me... can't stand in one spot without becoming breathless. Can't walk more than a few steps. Can't go back home - too weak. Lost more weight too.

At first I thought it was all over... age-care home here I come... but there is a chance that my current treatment will control the infection to improve my breathing and ability to care for myself. It's all the hope I have left. After my discharge from hospital it seems I will be sent to age care for a 3 week respite before I need to make the ultimate choice - home or age care. If it's the latter, I'm stuffed. Age care homes take 85% of your pension which would leave me completely dependent on them for everything.

Sorry I've been slow in updating the blog but I've been confused and uncertain as well... and even now I'm not sure of what's in store. Wish me luck. BTW, Andres from the dental clinic visited today, whch was very much appreciated.  I've also had calls and emails from the GN forum. Thanks guys. And I understand TX Greg has been doing a Sherlock. Gary

January 13, 2015. The past couple of days have been a whirlwind - nurses, therapists, doctors. Everyone has been terrific. I've had the house cleaned and vacuumed, bed made and shopping done. Yesterday, a nurse drove me to see the doc, and another nurse drove me there again today. My GP suggested Angel Flight to get to Sydney for my CT scan next week. Traveling there and back by train and taxi would have been too much for me on my own. Angel Flight is a volunteer organization of private pilots and drivers who take patients like me from rural and regional areas to Sydney for non-urgent medical needs, all free of charge. The doc registered with the organization today and got me over to his surgery to fill in some paperwork which he faxed back to AF this afternoon. So the adventure continues!

I started PJ's engine today after a month of sitting idle and she started first go. Also checked inside the camper. All's well except I barely had the strength to climb the steps and lift myself inside. I'm sooooo weak! I hope I can get into a small private plane without assistance.

The nurses suggested Meals on Wheels instead of eating canned stuff, so I'm organizing that too... more meat and veg to fatten me up faster. Thanks again for all the get well wishes. I'm working on it. Gary

January 10, 2015. Back home and still poorly... on meds and vitamins as an outpatient with nursing and various help visiting each day. Thank heavens for medicare. It's all free. I'm down to 45 kg which makes it difficult to lift myself out of this rut. Low blood pressure makes it worse ... dehydrated because my liquid has to be thickened due to a swallowing problem. No water, tea or coffee or softdrinks etc. But jelly/jello helps so I'm making my own and using it as a water substitute. Had oats this morning for breakfast so my food intake is getting better and the jelly/o helps to rehydrate me and lift my blood pressure. I'm very weak so everything is a major effort. At least I can sleep well without a ward fulla bloody snorers. Thanks everyone for your wishes, including grey nomads. Special thanks to OH Jim for this link to a number of vids about older cars and to OH Jace, June and Sean for the Chrissie prezzies that arrived yesterday. Gary

January 7, 2015. Back in hospital with pneumonia (recurrent). Been here 5 days. Will be discharged in a day or two. Getting domestic help with shopping, showering, etc. while pnemonia continues to clear. Still very weak and not on line very often. Gary


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