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March 30, 2015. Of all places to find an American, it's here in the aged care home, Taree, Oz. Dementia is not his prob, he's a diabetic who has paid scant attention to his diet, and now his legs have turned black and are in danger of being amputated. He's about my age. Apparently the condition is common according to the carer who told me.

The carer doesn't particularly care for 'loud Yanks' tho, which this bloke is - he plays vids of old English war movies at a zillion decibles and drives the joint nuts.

Not much to report today - been checking government home services for when I'm discharged but no one here seems to know much about them, they're in the wrong business. Being independent at home worries me until I get something organized.

I have no walker here so I can't practice. Instead, I slipped off the side of the bed twice and walked twice around the bed - the legs are pretty wobbly carrying all the weight (what there is of it), and I'm concerned about that too.

It's frustrating not being kept informed of my progress here. Nobody seems to know nuthin. Gary

March 29, 2015. TX Greg wrote to say the pic of the $3 admission on March 27 Waffle didn't work so I've substituted a link instead - same pic tho. .."Speaking of "thickened coffee", when I was about 3 one morning my mom and dad were having their morning coffee. I threw a huge temper tantrum that I wanted some too. Hehe, so my mom got a plastic mug and put in one part coffee to three parts milk. MMMMMM sooooo good and to this day that's how I still make my coffee, hahaha. If only my mom had patented that, instead of Starbucks today she could have started a franchise of Mombucks Coffee :)"

OH Jim tells me McDonalds has its own brand that you can make at home... good quality too.

And now on a jollier note, here's an article about what ails me, COPD. It's the extra lung infection that is causing the condition to worsen. So there ya go, not the most salubrious of situations but not all doom and gloom - there are ways of easing the symptoms and living a relatively normal lifestyle.

It was good to read that article - most informative and more edifying than the quick snippets provided by various docs and nurses. Gary

March 28, 2015. FL Josh remarked that there are glimpses of the old Waffle lately. The main reason I can't type normally is because I spend most of my time flat on my back and don't have a proper desk... so I have to use the old hunting and pecking method which is slow and are the days themselves... with very little to stop the dreaded monotony. Not even other people.

Back at the hospital I shared a ward with a bloke 4 years younger whose stomping ground as a kid and teen was the same as mine, right down to the King Hong bros who ran the corner store - his family and the  bros were close friends. The bloke and I chatted for hours about the old days.

So one of the reasons I write a bit of waffle is to get a response. All I have in this room to keep me amused is the laptop. Thank God for that! Speaking of which, OH Jim alerted me this. Gary

March 27, 2015. I discovered yesterday how thickened coffee ain't too bad. especially with extra milk. One of the male nurses asked me to try it. "You can always throw it out." It's not roast tho... just plain old instant. Still, it's something to kick start the day. Gotta avoid unthickened liquids in case they leak into my lungs and cause more infections. A Red Bubble friend said her husband got one and it was three months before he fully recovered.

My thoughts are once again returning to being on the road, independent and free of Lindsay's insanity, able to save money for extra security - free camping or even roadside rest areas will be the go. Averil next door had $40K saved but died before the nursing home got her.

$3 admission... history of Indy 500.

Yep, I spent some time browsing an auto newsgroup... not all that thrilling but it passed the time. Gary

March 25, 2015. None nf the nursing staff here could give me a satisfactory explanation of the problem I have so it was left to one of the carer staff (not a nurse) to ask what kinda bug I had before he showered and shaved me. I told him I didn't have clue so he went and In investigated. It's MRSI - Multi Reistant Staph Infection - a common bug in several forms that avoids being targeted by anti biotics by mutating. It takes longer than usual to get rid of the thing which is why I'm on respite and in high care, and also in isolation. All visitors to this room have to wear  protective clothing.

So the days are long and boring. Miss yas all... and thanks to OH Jim who keeps me informed about his neck of the woods. Gary

March 21, 2015. Well, things are improving... I'm getting protein drinks and yoghurt thanks to Dion the nurse passing the word around. In fact all the food I'm getting is edible, which wasn't the case at the previous nursing home. The staff are good too making sure I get my medication and vitamins to build up the old bod.

An associate of my GP was here yesterday and was impressed by my recovery so far... my regular GP is away for a week. The assoc told me not to rush things and to avoid risking a fall. I still need help with the toilet and showering. One of the nurses is trying to find a walker I can borrow... all I have at the mo is a wheelchair.

Anna from the dental clinic, bless her heart, is researching home help for when I'm outta here and solo. More later. Gary

March 20, 2015. Last time I wrote, it was St Patrick's Day when some leprechaun got tangled  in the works and the computer shut down. And no, jim, I didn't have a green beer. The hospital discharged me yesterday saying there's nothing more they can do - "you're frail but you're not sick" - and transported me to another nursing home in Taree - Alma Place, Wingham Rd., Taree. The rooms are nice, the residents mostly loopy and the staff okay, except they're not familiar with my dietary requirements so I phoned my speech therapist at the hospital to get in touch with them and remind them AGAIN.

I'm hoping to organize some sort of home care whn I return home in 3 weeks - shopping, etc. I need to be totally independent from Lindsay... that man is dangerously crazy.

Meanwhile, here's hoping and praying that all this crap is over soon. I'm sick and tired of it. Gary

March 13, 2015. Sincere apologies for making y'all worry but it's been a nighmare here - out of the pan into the fire so to speak. The 2 weeks at home were a disaster with Lindsay sceaming at me om occasions and raving about all the trouble I was causing him. It was frightening, made worse by my lack if independent mobility, most of which was the result of dehydration and lack of nutrition. Lindsay has serious mental problems. So another 2 weeks of deterioration and misery has resulted in my being admitted back to Hospital.

Before I left home, my GP said I had deteriorated so badly that I was in "the dying phase" - in other words iirreversible damage with paliative care as the sole option. But last night after being admitted to hospital, I ate a good meal (the food is pretty good here - much better than the nursing home) which made a difference. The food together with intravenous fluid brought my blood pressure and other stats back to normal in no time, so I reckon the bod is responding well. Hopefully, that will continue to be the case.

FL Josh phoned home the other day and spoke to Lindsay but you need to be careful of what Lindsay says ... he has a habit of telling his version of events which can be far from th truth. Thanks Josh, and I also appreciate the sentiments you expressed in your email. On the downside, OH Jace wrote to say he has bladder cancer level  4 which is being treated with chemo therapy...all his hair is gone. I'm really sorry to hear about that Jace and I wish you all the luck in the world.

Hopefully, my stay here will get me heathly again, with independent mobility. After that, no more nursing home and no nore relying on Lindsay - what eventuates remains to be seen. More later. Gary

March 10, 2015. TX Greg here with a quick update. This morning I found this post by Jules on the Grey Nomads Forum "... he is home, but very weak, and spends most of his time in bed."

Get well soon dear friend. We all miss you tons. TX Greg

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