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July 1, 2015.

Happy Birthday Codeman :)  I would imagine by now you have taught Gary how to surf the clouds. The hard part is trying to imagine Gary on a surfboard, hehe.

"Even in a country with many picturesque destinations, Australia's Ningaloo Reef stands out. In this video, pilot Gavin Penfold flies a microlight craft over the reef so photographer Sacsha Unger can capture some stunning images." Surfing the Clouds

Well it's been one very long month with many late night hours and weekends spent recoding all the files and albums, but as I mentioned to Steve W it has also been quite comforting and consoling. There really is a ton of cool stuff and memories in here for everyone to enjoy for many years to come.

I was thinking about Bubba and how much Gary really enjoyed getting him in the waffle, so why not use Bubba one more time here. Yeah, don't get ahead of me folks, the punch line is coming, hehe

Ok, Bubba is standing by in the PJ control booth ready to cue up the new web site and tour.

The power got cut off at the dot com site on the 18th last month for several hours with a page that said "suspended". Then the site popped back up a few hours later and not sure but perhaps the hosting company gave us a little more time to get things going. I've just left the new home page there with all the links pointing to here for now. So if you got here from the dot com site be sure to bookmark the new dot net.

For the most part everything here is still the same. There is a updated Journal and Waffle index pages. To make reading the Journal and Waffle a little easier I've adding links at the bottom of each page for newer / older posts so you don't have to keep going back to the index page to get to the next page. I added to the JAlbum page a complete alphabetized list of all the albums just as a quick reference. It was quite sad but obviously had to remove Gary's old email addy from all the waffle posts. I also decided instead of putting my addy at the end of each post, it will now just be on the Home Page under "Contact" and "Webmaster".

And speaking of the Home Page, I really wanted to add a small remembrance. Take a second and open the Home Page. Above Gary's pic is a mini player. (Requires Adobe Flash Player) A little G'day greeting from Gary that will always be here with us :)

Well I hope everyone is proud of how the new site turned out and I want to extend thanks to FL Josh, OH Jim and Steve W for their input and help checking and proofing over files. I'm sure somehow somewhere I've screwed a link or something up, so if you stumble across something not working right send me a mail, morse code or smoke signal, which ever works best, hehe.

The next waffle update will be next month on the 29th and we know what day that is. Ok Bubba, I guess that brings this post to a wrap. Bubba??? OH GEEZ...


You got to laugh a little. Helps with the tears. Greg



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