G'day virtual travelers,

My professional background is electronic media and advertising. I've worked as an announcer, copywriter and producer in radio and television, and some print. In the mid 1990's I bit off more than I could chew and got involved with a bunch of wannabes in a lifestyle TV production. I came out of it broke and trashed careerwise. I was unemployed for a while, barely surviving by my wits, when a couple of physically and mentally disabled people needed a carer. I took the job. The pay was lousy but it kept me (and them) fed and housed for the next ten years. Just recently, a serious cancer put an end to that job. However, so far, the cancer has failed to put an end to me. I'm now living on the age pension but I'm keen to do something meaningful with my life while I'm still able. I want to travel Australia and check out my 'back yard'.

The idea for Aussie Odyssey came to me a few years ago but, for one reason or another, various setbacks kept postphoning my plans. I'm still waiting to get going... but I haven't been wasting my time. I've been touring the local area (Mid North Coast of New South Wales) and a few other places keeping a journal and taking photographic essays of my travels, which is what I plan to do on the full Odyssey.

My cancer treatment finished in 2012 (except for ongoing 3-monthly checkups). My full recovery is expected in 2014 when a gum problem caused by radiation therapy and which is preventing the fitting of dentures heals. Progress is encouraging but very slow.

Meanwhile, how big is Australia? For facts about Oz - size, climate, etc, click here.

Gary Kelly


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