This web site is dedicated to the memory of Cody, my "soul buddy", who was killed in a car crash on November 3, 2001. He was 19.

During the 4 years I knew him, I acted as his mentor and sounding board, and helped him through a number of dark periods of his life. After surviving one such period, he felt compelled to express his gratitude. He was in class at high school when the inspiration to write "The Continuum" overwhelmed him, and the words flowed through his pen. He said it was the most intense thing he had ever written. Cody was a keen surfer, which explains why his poem is written in the context of riding his board at his local beach.

The Continuum is a gift I will treasure forever. They are his words, and they were written especially for me. Friendship doesn't get any better than that.


Shiny skin,
Muscles taut -
A foot movement,
Direction change,
Hit the lip and turn,
Bottoms up,
Floater comin'
Glide and Zip
Matted hair dripping,
A hand clears the vision,
A golden vortex appears,
Fly in fly in...
The voices call.

A careful balance,
Sturdy feet,
Cover up
The hush
The whisper of the gods
The solace
The friendship
The roar and rumble
The rush of air
The take off and spit out.
My arms raised in triumph.

I have not conquered the wave,
She has allowed me to experience her thrill
Once more.
My blood racin'
My stick stylin'
A wavin' hand
A smile
From a friend.
In the surf?

A friend in the spirit,
Across the wide wide sea.
I see him and he sees me.
The old man of the sea?

A friend in the spirit,
But - he does see
Right inside of me.

The wave peels,
The concentration falters,
The sand below,
Over the falls.
I hear my friend,
It wont be the last -
The pain and the hurt,
But learn you will.

My eyes cast out -
I see him,
My invisible friend
Across the sea.
I reach out.
The golden wave tumbles,
I turn

This is where you left off-
I hear the voice say -
Don't start over..
Start from here.

My arms move
The stick starts flyin'
A push,
My feet stand firm,
A vortex appears...
Yes - this is it -
The continuum of nature
the continuum of life.
Another challenge -
and yet another.

I look over my shoulder
at my invisible friend
He sits on the chair on his verandah,
He smiles -
I smile back, the Captain of my stick.
A voice calls out...
Write your name Captain -
Write your name upon the waves -
And find the solace you so crave.

Thanks my friend.
The surf is my haven and my inner thoughts but,
my solace comes from knowing you.



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