Location: Port Macquarie/Hastings Council
Date: March 2012

March 26, 2012. Another quickie. A bunch of ads that are way past their use-by date. Click here for the album.

March 18, 2012. Here's a quickie. A friend sent these pics which I turned into an album. It's about situations during which it's okay to use the F Word. Click here for the full story.

March 14-16, 2012. Spent the past 3 days in Port Macquarie for my second quad of radiation therapy at the hospital, staying at Rotary Lodge in the hospital grounds. I'm back home now in Taree writing this on Saturday 17th.

The therapy went well, two zaps on Thursday and another two on Friday without any dramas. On Wednesday, a young doc there gave me a "medical review" to see if everything was fine and if I was healthy enough to undergo my second quad. It was the shortest medical I've ever had... in and out like a revolving door.

Actually, I'm feeling much healthier and stronger than last month... and this month I'll be focusing on eating more food orally instead of through the stomach tube. I did quite a bit of walking on my photographic excursion around Port Macquarie's beaches this morning and wasn't puffed at all. In fact, I climbed a bunch of stairs leading to one of the beaches without any problem. They would have impossible in Jan/Feb. So the kid's doin' okay.

Yesterday, during my final zap, I asked one of the operators to take a few pics with my little Fuji. The pics are a bit blurred (can't trust other dudes) but they'll give you and idea of what the radiation process involves and what my mask looks like. Click here for the photo album.


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