As time goes by, I'll no doubt discover links to other travel sites that I can include here.

I'm a member of The Grey Nomads. The forums are a great source of information about travelling Oz and the members there are very friendly. Don't leave home without it!

Here's an old mate, Steve Starling, globe trotter and fisher extroadinaire, with a web site for those piscatorially inclined travellers.

My Red Bubble mate Terry Everson has travelled Oz all over and taken a zillion photos over many years. Check out his page.

Here's another Red Bubbler, William Bullimore, who has travelled extensively in Australia and produced the most exquisite photographs.

As I was Googling pics of Grey Nomads I happened upon this site run by Tom Pardy. He and his son Matt did a 4-state road trip through the outback. They took lots of pics and kept a most interesting journal. It's well worth a read!

On the HoboHome site you will find a Travel Log (over 8 years of travelling Australia in a converted bus) as well as a wealth of information and technical articles relating to motorhoming and caravanning.

A very comprehensive blog on the travels of an American couple, Mike and Sheryl, around Oz, with all places visited listed alphabetically (scroll down the page and check the left side). Great pics too!


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